Paul Weggenmann picked up 3 inches of vacuum on his roadster by using a set of Rhoads Lifters! He is one of our many satisfied customers.
Over 100,000 satisfied customers will tell you...With Rhoads lifters you can run a bigger cam and still have great Low-End Torque, Engine Vacuum and Idle Quality. The secret? Variable Valve Timing! Rhoads' exclusive patented design reduces lift and duration on the low-end and restores them on the top. And they are anti-pump-up for Maximum High-End Revs. This makes Rhoads lifters ideal for high performance street, marine, strip or oval track. See our PRODUCTS section explaining the difference between Original, V-Pro and V-Max designs. Rhoads Lifters...The Most Powerful Performance Hydraulic Lifters Ever Made!

James E. Rhoads


My Father, James E. Rhoads supported his wife and five sons by laying and finishing hardwood floors. He was, however, an inventor at heart with a strong interest in improving the performance of automotive engines.Dad set his mind to work and developed what has proven to be one of the most advanced performance products on the market...The Rhoads Variable Duration Lifter. It's been years now since my father went to be with his Father in heaven and Dad, if you can hear me you've got a lot of satisfied customers who would gladly tell you just how great your lifters truly are. ---Jack Rhoads

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