Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I use Original Rhoads Lifters or V-Max Lifters with my cam?
If you have an adjustable valve train, Rhoads V-Max Lifters are the better choice. They produce more low-end torque and vacuum increases and rev higher than Original Rhoads Lifters. V-Max should definately be used for all hot street and racing applications. They do, however, require an adjustable valve train. Original Rhoads Lifters may be used with adjustable or non-adjustable valve trains.

Q. Can I run Rhoads Lifters on any hydraulic cam?
Original Rhoads Lifters are recommended for performance hydraulic cams only. They may also be used with factory high performance cams. Rhoads V-Max Lifters are generally recommended for performance hydraulic cams but may also be used with performance solid lifter cams. Stock cams are generally not recommended as reductions in lift and duration on stock cams have very little effect on performance gains.

Q. Why do Rhoads Lifters sound similar to solids at low rpm?
With Rhoads Lifters there is never any clearance in the valve train. The ticking noise you hear is simply a slightly accelerated valve-closing rate much like that of a solid lifter. This sound gradually disappears as the rpm increases.

Q. Will the reduction in duration at low rpm cause premature wear?
Not at all. Millions of driving miles have proven Rhoads Lifters to be completely safe for all valve train components.

Q. Are Rhoads Lifters easy to adjust?
Original Rhoads Lifters are easy to adjust because they are adjusted in the same manner as conventional hydraulic lifters, zero lash push ¾ of a turn preload. V-Max Lifters are also easy to adjust but they adjust similar to solid lifters. Complete instructions come with every set.

Q. Is it oil pressure or rpm that restores duration?
Rpm. Quite simply, at lower rpm Rhoads Lifters have more time to leak down. As the rpm increases they have less time to leak down and at approximately 3500-4000 rpm virtually full lift and duration are restored.

Q. Is the Rhoads Lifter an anti-pumpup tappet and how many rpm can I turn before they begin to float?
Rhoads Lifters are simply the very best anti-pumpup tappet on the market and will rev higher than any other hydraulic lifter you can buy. Revs in excess of 7000 rpm is common, but the total amount will largely depend on camshaft profile and valve spring pressure. Rhoads V-Max Lifters will rev even higher than Original Rhoads Lifters.

Q. Can a high volume or high-pressure oil pump be used with Rhoads Lifters?
Yes. As the bleed off is a function of rpm a high volume/pressure pump can be used without any problem at all.

Q. How up-to-date is the Rhoads design
James E. Rhoads invented variable duration lifters over 30 years ago and years of research and development have progressed into the newly patented V-Max design which is the latest and best variable duration technology today.

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