For maximum lubrication and valve train longevity choose the Rhoads Super Lube feature with either Original or V-Max designs. A patented groove runs down the entire length of the lifter (see picture to the right), constantly injecting oil on vital wear surfaces where lifter and cam face meet. This eliminates the need for costly grooving modifications to the lifter bores in the engine block. The Rhoads Super Lube feature greatly improves longevity along with reduced friction. It is available for all Flat Tappet and OE Roller applications where an added oil supply helps reduce friction and wear and enhances oil distribution to all surfaces and needle bearing pressure points. The addition of the Super Lube feature does not in any way alter the performance with V-Pro, V-max or Original Rhoads Lifters.
“Rhoads variable-duration lifters offer Chevrolet enthusiasts an intruiging alternative to conventional hydraulic lifter designs. These ingenious tappets allow a performance enthusiast to enjoy the smooth idle and bottom-end torgue of a mild street cam, while providing top-end horsepower of a more radical grind.” –--- "Hot Rods" Chevy Performance Magazine
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