If you have adjustable rocker arms, our All New
V-Pro Street Rhoads Lifters are the best choice for all street performance applications. Unlike Original Rhoads Lifters, they are non-collapsible and fully adjustable. Typical vacuum increases range between 1 to 3 inches at idle when used with bigger cams. Adjustment is similar to solid lifters. Simply use a feeler gauge to adjust the exact amount of lift reduction you want, anywhere from .010" to .025", and that is exactly what you get at idle. Duration is reduced between 5 and 15 degrees at .050" cam lift depending on the adjustment. As the rpm increases, so does the lift and duration. Full restoration takes place at approximately 3500 rpm. They are particularly suited for all street performance applications to incease low-end torque, engine vacuum, and idle quality on performance cammed engines. For maximum low-end torque, they may also be used with stock replacement cams that are larger than .380" valve lift. Our Super Lube Groove Option is highly recommended for enhanced lubrication, greatly increasing cam and lifter life.
“I had very little bottom-end until installing Rhoads Lifters. From bottom to top, it was nothing but power! For what these Rhoads Lifters do, they should cost a lot more.” –--- Ken McNally
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